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    Supporting Owners of Manufactured Homes



    MHOA Victoria

    Manufactured Home Owners Association (Vic) Inc, (MHOA Victoria), a not-for-profit organization, was formed in 2022 with the objective to promote, advance, maintain and safeguard the combined and individual interests of manufactured home owners throughout Victoria.

    This encompasses all residents who own their own home yet pay site rent under a Land-Lease agreement. In other words, you own your home but pay your landlord site rent for the land on which it stands. These are often referred to as relocatable homes.

    MHOA Victoria is advocating to the Victorian State Government for changes to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, Part 4A for better protections for those who have chosen to live in a Manufactured Home Village, the majority of whom are aged pensioners on fixed incomes.


    Land-Lease Residential Villages represent a fast-growing type of housing Australia-wide. In Victoria, this is home to 20,000 older residents, offering an attractive proposition of independence and access to the community

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    Our Goals



    Protect and strengthen the rights of every manufactured home owner in Victoria.



    Promote meaningful change in legislation to increase legal protection for manufactured home owners throughout Victoria.



    Strive to educate Government legislators about issues which impact manufactured home owners throughout Victoria.

    We believe in the power of the collective, and we believe in you. The more of us there are, the more we can achieve.
    Join now and make your voice heard!

    MHOA Victoria Summary Agenda 2023/24

    MHOA Victoria’s immediate priority is to advocate for amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997, Part 4A. In its current form the Act offers very limited protection for home owners. This Agenda is a plan of action and a list of our demands to the Victorian Government on behalf of all home owners in Manufactured Home Villages. 

    Standalone Legislation for Manufactured Home Villages

    All Manufactured Home Villages to be registered with government

    Removal of CPI as a site rent modifier

    Abolish exit fees (Deferred Management Fees)

    More transparency between home owners and village owners/managers

    Standardised Lease/Site Agreements

    Ceiling/Cap on annual site rent fees

    Removal of the Market Rent Review as a site rent modifier

    Mandatory training for village owners/managers

    Dedicated Ombudsman for dispute resolution with binding powers

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      Supporting Owners of Manufactured Homes


      We would like to thank and acknowledge Mercy Foundation for their assistance in funding our website

      Manufactured Home Owners Association (Vic) Inc

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      Disclaimer: Information on this website contains general information and opinions of MHOA Victoria. It should not be considered as legal advice or a substitute for legal advice.